A downloadable game for Windows

A virtual claw machine made for the DesertBus for Hope 2020 game jam! Will be updating until the end of the jam, let me know what you want to see!

Check out DesertBusForHope here! Desert Bus for Hope

Huge thanks to Seattle Garages for giving me permission to use their music in this project, look for their song in the claw machine!  https://twitter.com/TheSeaGarages

I did a little write up about making this game if you're interested: https://www.patreon.com/posts/44158250

WASD+QA: Move camera
Mouse: Rotate Camera
Up / Right Arrow: Move Crane Arm
Space: Drop Crane Arm
Left Click:  Interact
Escape: Quit

Install instructions

Extract all files into a folder, run The Bus' Claw.exe


RS12 The Claw v1.1.zip 111 MB


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Was a lot of fun, then I broke it! Would break again 10/10