Desert Bus Adventure

~You've never played desert bus like this!~

An epic RPG adventure with over 200 hours of desert bussing entertainment! Exactly 5 different endings! Fight busses, walk down a road, turn around and do it again! Content!

Due to various circumstance I have been required to incorporate time compression technology in order to accelerate the typical playthrough if desired.  RedslashGames is not liable if your playthrough is completed in under 200 hours or any spatial anomalies that occur when doing so.

 - Arrow keys or left mouse button to move. 
 - Enter button to confirm. 
 - Escape button to cancel.

Still working on it, will try to fix up the audio and add more actions. No guarantees though.


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I think it would've been a good idea to include about how long all the lengths take. It's pretty much all repeat after like 2 minutes, so not knowing when the end is going to be is discouraging.