Movment: WASD/Arrows
Attack: Z/Enter
Jump: Space
Switch: C, Backspace


Created for the DesertBusForHope2018 Game Jam, this was my first foray into unreal and visual programming. The game consists of a single level with a few different puzzles that can be solved a couple of ways. I wanted to do an intro bit that runs through the story but ran out of time. Please Enjoy, and check out DesertBus.org in November for their annual charity fundraiser!

-Achievements (Not Implemented)-
Get all 53 coins!
Win with only Liz! (Theoretically possible)
Win without moving backwards!
Jump over Not Matt!

Occasionally the camera will scroll left at the end of the game instead of right
Volume of sound effects does not dampen with distance


README JourneyToTheNotBusPlace.txt 968 bytes
Redslash12_JTNBP_v0.5_Win.zip 98 MB


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Working in actual DB prizes was inspired. And I love the photo animations, especially Liz's walk-cycle.