On the last hour of the DesertBus for Hope charity fundraiser, donations have gone missing. You venture out following the path that eventually leads you to the labyrinth of the Minobus! Do you dare to venture into the maze to defeat the vile monster and retrieve the pilfered donations?

Created by Redslash12, Bengan, and Philammon for Desert Bus Game Jam 2019


TheMinobus_Windows.zip 26 MB


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So...the red spots have a different effect on the player than on the monsters?

Also, is there any reason to not pick things up? It seems weird to have a separate button to pick up floating items in a game like this.

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The enemies will be hurt by traps but they just hinder the player. Ran out of time before we could have the player pick up items automatically. Thank you playing! :)

Love the graphics.

Bengan did the art for the game, I think it all came out really great! Thank you for playing!